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Audio Note
see also: Air Horns

Audio ProblemsEdit

"Before we start tonight, just a warning: the sound quality dips for a while in this episode, for reasons that will later become clear. But stick with it. Everything works out in the end."
Stuart's microphone is mixed too loud.
Stuart's microphone is mixed too loud.
The episode begins with five unexplained seconds of silence.
"APOLOGIES for the audio issues in this episode — specifically Dan's ear-splitting levels. It does get (somewhat) better as the episode goes on."
"Elliott's microphone appears to have had some problem with it during the early part of this episode, but keep listening, as we do eventually fix the problem. Our apologies for the technical difficulties."
Elliott's microphone is mixed too loud.
Stuart's mic appears to have been unplugged.
Stuart's mic appears to have been unplugged.
"We apologize for some of the sound in this episode. About 2/3 of the way through, some sort of technical issue befell Dan’s microphone/ levels. We’ve done our best to fix this in post by manually boosting the volume whenever he speaks (since, luckily, he was picked up by the other host’s microphones). However, as you can imagine, that solution isn’t ideal. The episode is still completely listenable (thanks in some part to Dan not talking as much towards the end of the episode – a fortunate bit of laziness on his part), but we apologize for the dip in quality towards the end."
Substandard sound quality.
Noticeable radio interference.
Noticeable radio interference.
"We got together to record a regular episode, and we discovered that for some reason our equipment had started picking up radio signals. So you will hear Hip Hop being played beneath the episode as recorded. I have ordered new equipment that hopefully will fix this problem."
Substandard sound quality.

Mentioned InEdit

New microphones.
Dan refers to the audio problems as a thing of the past. @13:05

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