Golden Sieve Award
Awarded To  Beastly
For  Movie I Forgot I Watched

Audio Note
"We got together to record a regular episode, and we discovered that for some reason our equipment had started picking up radio signals. So you will hear Hip Hop being played beneath the episode as recorded. I have ordered new equipment that hopefully will fix this problem."

Official Show NotesEdit

"Here it is, the non-canonical Beastly episode, the one where our equipment suddenly started picking up radio signals, which were then transferred to the recording as a constant bed of phat (and less-than-phat, or 'phthin') beats, beneath our film jabber.
"Repeat, this is NOT A REGULAR EPISODE, so we wouldn't recommend it to newbies, the easily irritated, or pretty much anyone who isn't a superfan and can’t wait until September for a new dose of the show.
"That said, have at it. Keep on bloopin’ in the free world…"

Movie SummaryEdit


­It's the story of Beauty and the Beast told from the Beast's point of view, and set in modern-day New York. And also he's not as beastly. And it's dumb.
     —Elliott @06:50


Episode HighlightsEdit


Movie PitchesEdit


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