Dan: And then there's that movie Vampy the Astronaut and uh, and uh, Bitey in Space.
Elliott: Bitey in Space?
Dan: Yeah.
Stuart: Wait, the vampire's name's Bitey? Is he not even Count Bitey?
Elliott: Is he a little kid? Or like a dog vampire?
Dan: He's not, he's not, ya know, there's, he's not of the, of the, whatdaya call it?
Elliott: The nobility?
Dan: The nobility. Yeah.
Elliott: The aristocracy.
Stuart: Sure. Yeah.
Elliott: He's just your cockney peasant vampire in space.
Elliott: 'Ello, 'ello.
Dan: Yeah. It's me, Bitey.
Elliott: Welcome a Jupiter.
Dan: How da you do? Shine your shoes, guvnah? Bite your neck? It's me, Bitey.
Elliott: Bite your neck for a tuppence?
Stuart: Michael Caine is Bitey, I guess.
Dan: Yeah.
Elliott: Don't let him bite your neck!
Elliott: C'mon, that's a good price for neck biting.
Elliott: 'Ello.
Dan: Tuppence?
Elliott: Well, well.
Dan: Tuppence to bite your neck, sir?
Elliott: If it isn't the Queen of Space. Ma'am, a pleasure to bite 'ya.
Stuart: It's me, Daniel Craig.
Elliott: Uh, yeah.
Dan: Good work.
Stuart: Uh, Clive Owen.
Dan: You joined right in.
Elliott: Stuart, are you okay?
Episode 163: Dracula 3D @07:45

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