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Movie SummaryEdit



Final JudgmentsEdit

Good-Bad (Elliott) @29:45
Good-Bad (Dan) @29:45

Episode HighlightsEdit


Movie PitchesEdit


Listener Questions from FacebookEdit

Pledge SongEdit



1. "Wait... is this a bit?" from Louie Lastnamewithheld @31:45
11. "When did you figure out that you were good at comedy?" from Jennifer Lastnamewithheld @52:25
12. "Was there a particular movie which inspired the creation of The Flop House?" from Jennifer Lastnamewithheld @52:45
13. "Has a movie ever been so bad it actually made you angry?" from Gina Lastnamewithheld @53:40
14. "Coke or Pepsi?" from Kevin Lastnamewithheld @54:35
Encyclopedia Brown @1:12:10
27. "Why haven't you had David Kalan on as a guest host yet?" from David Lastnamewithheld @1:14:05
The Liberator @1:16:10


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