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Count Dorkula by Woody Allen
Episode 163: Dracula 3D @38:20
Count Spaceula
Aliens land, then one gets bitten by vampire.
Episode 85: Limitless @22:40
Episode 146: B*A*P*S @01:35
Episode 146: B*A*P*S @01:35
A Vampire in Brooklyn (in the Orthodox section of Williamsburg)
Instead of sucking people's blood, he's mostly angry at cyclists. Here's the problem: it's not kosher to eat blood, but he's got to since he's a vampire. And he drives a really awesome minivan-hearse. And his mother's always like: "Have you heard of my son, the vampire? He could have been a doctor, but no — a vampire."
Episode 146: B*A*P*S @01:35
The Yiddish Vampire
Episode 146: B*A*P*S @01:35