also known as: "Hamburger"
Star of several FlopFilms. Well, maybe not the star, but she's in them. Described by Stuart as "hamburger" (ie. why have hamburger, when you could have steak?).
Might be considered "steak" by Old West standards.



A lot (and by a lot, it was really a few) listeners made an issue of Dan, Elliott and Stu having repeatedly referred to Olivia Wilde's character as Justin Timberlake's girlfriend when she was actually his mother in Episode 98: In Time. The Floppers attributed this error to their general disinterest in the film, and reminded everyone that they aren't even pretending to be professionals here. This controversy was brought to light in Episode 99: The Three Musketeers.
The term Wildegate now applies whenever the Floppers make an observation or criticism about an element of the movie that is inaccuracy.

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