R restricted
In the Flopiverse, potentially anything can be Rated R, not just movies.
The Floppers will often say "Rated R" in the deep baritone of Russ Leatherman, the voice of the old Moviefone call-in line.
"Rated R" is traditionally followed by: "is now playing at..."

Pronounced Rated REdit

Bullet to the Head (2013)
Episode 133: Bullet to the Head @03:25, 03:45
Deaf Alien in the Big City (movie pitch)
"When you're deaf, no one can hear you scream."
Episode 131: Marmaduke @11:50
God's Not Dead
Episode 160: God's Not Dead @06:20
The Flop House (itself)
Episode 124: Stolen @39:15
Episode 103: One For the Money @04:25
Episode 130: The Scarlet Letter @01:05
Episode 131: Marmaduke @01:25
Episode 191: Men, Women & Children @1:30:30
Lost Girls (1991 graphic novel) by Alan Moore
Episode 133: Bullet to the Head @52:15
Episode 117: Seeking Justice @39:10

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