Elliott: Welcome to the hellish maelstrom of Shocktober! When all evil walks the Earth, and the veil between the other world and this is at its thinnest.
Stuart: Can you — can you hear that sound? ("Boogens!")
Hallie: Ow! It shocked me!
Elliott: The curtain between the spirit world and ours is so thin that you can see a ghost's nipple sticking through it.
Dan: Yep. When ghosts, and goblins, and gooblins, and —
Elliott: And gorblins. When ghosts and ghasts and Ryan Ghostlings...
Dan: Uh, it's terrifying. It's a living hell. But funny.
Elliott: Anyway, the point is: the world is a blasted nightmare, and its name is Shocktober.
Episode 162: The Quiet Ones @08:45
20141017 shocktober kang kodos
Just as Cagemas arrives but once a year, so too with Shocktober.
Shocktober, occasionally referred to by Stuart as Shockoween, is a month-long celebration of horror films held every April. Only joking, it's in October. (That's how it got the name!)
During Shocktober, The Flop House watches slightly more horror films as opposed to the other months of the year (in which they also watch horror films). Sometimes the intro music is different for Shocktober episodes...though most times it is not. One time Stuart talked about two Draculas during the music.
And sometimes The Cryptkeeper shows up, because fuck it, why not?

Shocktober Film RatingsEdit

movie Dan Elliott Stuart other
The Number 23 scarifyingly funny Totally Snorifying scarifyingly funny (Simon)
Saw III it made me angry it's retarded hated this goddamned movie (Simon)
Prom Night bad-bad bad-bad bad-bad
The Happening Frighteningly Funny Frighteningly Funny snorifying
The Unborn Frighteningly Funny and snorifying Frighteningly Funny Frighteningly Funny
The Chaos Experiment only watch the first 30 and last 10 minutes Totally Snorifying fucking piece of shit
Blood: The Last Vampire good-bad for the first 40 minutes (agreed with Dan) bad-bad (Federico)
The Uninvited bad-bad bad-bad bad-bad (John)
Teen Witch Frighteningly Funny not snorifying totally scarifying boners
Priest Totally Snorifying snorifying snorifying (Tom)
Season of the Witch (agreed) (agreed) frighteningly snorifying
Red Riding Hood 20 thumbs up eerily adequate spookily good-bad good-bad (Alex)
The Raven 2/3 snorifying, 1/3 scarifying 90% snorifying, 10% scarifying super snorifying
The Devil Inside snorifying snorifying snorifying
ATM Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying
The Purge Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying
The Quiet Ones Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying (Hallie)
Dracula 3D Frighteningly Funny Frighteningly Funny Frighteningly Funny
Unfriended Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying
Leprechaun: Origins Totally Snorifying (The McElroys)
Deliver Us from Evil Totally Snorifying grossily goopifying Totally Snorifying
Ouija Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying (Hallie)
Victor Frankenstein
The Lazarus Effect Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying Totally Snorifying (Hallie)

Official Shocktober Theme CategoriesEdit

  • Totally Scarifying
  • Totally Snorifying
  • Frighteningly Funny

Decidedly Not Canonical Shocktober CategoriesEdit

  • Bitily Scary[1]
  • Creepily Bad-Good
  • Eerily Adequate[2]
  • Eerily Good-Blad[1] [sic]
  • Frighteningly Farty[3]
  • Frighteningly Kinda Good[4]
  • Frighteningly Good-Bad[5]
  • Frightfully Good[6]
  • Ghostly Good[7]
  • Ghostly Satisfactory[4]
  • Ghoulishly Okay[7]
  • Giddily Good-Groke[8]
  • Grossily Goopifying[9]
  • Hauntingly Okay[4]
  • Horrifically Bad-Good
  • Horrifically 4/10[4]

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