Instances where one of the Floppers directly calls out famous people during the podcast.Edit

Christina Applegate
The Floppers insult the entire cast of Anchorman (minus Paul Rudd), calling out two of them by name. (Episode 190: Ouija @51:55)
Dario Argento
­I fuckin' hate Dario Argento. And he looks like a little creep.
     —Stuart, Episode 34: Mirrors @48:15
Kristen Bell
­I thought she smelled bad on the outside!
     —Elliott, Episode 245: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III @1:02:20
Broken Lizard
Stuart wishes death upon the former members of the comedy troupe Broken Lizard. (Episode 38: Beverly Hills Chihuahua @54:55)
Stuart insults Fergie's physical attractiveness, then challenges her actor husband Josh Duhamel to make something of it. (Episode 131: Marmaduke @17:30)
Matthew Fox
­Matthew Fox, you should be ashamed of yourself, dude. Go back to Lost.
     —Stuart, Episode 22: Vantage Point @37:45
Matt Frewer
­Sometimes when you look at Matt Frewer's face you think it's a mask, but it's not. He's just very expressive.
     —Stuart, Episode 230: Monster Trucks @03:25
Kelsey Grammer
­Come at us, Kelsey Grammer!
     —Dan, Episode 172: Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return @18:20
Christopher Guest
­From what I understand, despite being a comic genius he's a, he's a real jerk. This is more defamation, I guess. These are both rumors. These are both rumors.
     —Dan, Episode 38: Beverly Hills Chihuahua @04:40
Ben Kingsley
­I wouldn't be afraid to tell Ben Kingsley to his face that he is a dried-up skeleton of a man.
     —Elliott, Episode 75: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time @15:25
David Koechner
The Floppers insult the entire cast of Anchorman (minus Paul Rudd), calling out two of them by name. (Episode 190: Ouija @51:55)
Rosie O'Donnell
­I mean, I know she's a bitch.
     —Stuart, Episode 33: An American Carol @22:20
Gary Oldman
Elliott orders Gary Oldman to appear on the podcast so the hosts can inspect his penis in its tumescent state. (Episode 131: Marmaduke @26:45)
A.O. Scott
­So I guess what I'm saying is: I don't know how old A.O. Scott is, but he's an old man with dementia and he should no longer be writing film reviews.
     —Elliott, Episode 37: Seven Pounds @25:45
M. Night Shyamalan
­I think he could use it.
     —Stuart, explaining why M. Night Shyamalan ought to be punched in the face, in front of his family, Episode 9: Next @03:55
­M. Night Shyamalan just makes terrible movies, like abysmal movies. And he shouldn't make movies anymore.
     —Stuart, Episode 25: The Happening @45:35
Paul F. Tompkins
­Take that, Paul F. Tompkins — ya prolific motherfucker!
     —Dan, Episode 229: Assassin's Creed @06:15
Jon Voight
­Jon Voight: You heard it here first. I'm calling you out, Jon Voight.
     —Dan, Episode 14: Bratz @12:55

Media FeudEdit

Stuart: What about that hate mail from... Pittsburgh, was it?
Elliott: Yeah, that guy in Pittsburgh hates you.
Dan: Look this up, Flop House. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette hates Dan McCoy. This is not a joke.
Elliott: We finally have a media feud, the first Flop House media feud. And you know what? The Pittsburgh Post Gazette can suck it! That's what I say. Let's get this feud rolling.
Stuart: They can eat a bag of dicks.
Elliott: They can eat it real hard, and Pittsburgh is crap.
Dan: More like Pittsburgh Post Ga-sucks! Am I right, guys?
Elliott: We had it and we lost it.
Episode 70: Jonah Hex @37:05