One of Dan's many disappointing alter-egos

Giving in to pressure by Elliott, Dan's outline of the rating system in the Conan episode included examples of films which might fit into each category. Some of the films mentioned were Bratz, The Room and importantly, Gremlins 2. Elliott then warned Dan about the dangers of revealing too much of his life to the listeners, suggesting that a Saw-esque scenario involving a "Gremlins 2 game" might occur.
Dan, likely thinking that all games might have some commonality with Jeopardy, answered by asking, "Is the answer John Glover? Is that the answer to your question?". Unimpressed, Stuart sarcastically thanked Dan for the trivia, which amounted to little more than naming a human being shot on film. Elliot and Stuart then took turns providing more Dan-styled trivia. In the end Dan performs a save by mentioning the Porthole of Time, an act not dissimilar to throwing steaks to evade guard-dogs.
Occurs around 33:20.

Examples of Dan's TriviaEdit

Gremlins 2:Edit

  • John Glover

Jurassic Park:Edit

Memoirs of an Invisible Man:Edit

Omen III:Edit


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