Their flower power is no match for her scowl power!

also known as: Mrs. Pervazoid #1
Dan's wife may spend most of the recording time of the podcast off in the other room scowling at the Floppers, however, she will give someone a high-five for any appearance of Three Boobs on camera. She will also scowl during this high-five.
Episode 125: Smiley @45:15
Dan: I have to report with sadness that my wife looks much cuter in the hat that you knitted than I do. But that's probably just real life.
Stuart: I mean, yeah, shouldn't that make you happy that your wife looks cuter than you?
Dan: Yeah, I'll take it.
Elliott: I hate to break it to you, Dan —
Dan: What?
Elliott: Your wife is cuter than you.
Dan: Yeah.
Stuart: I'm assuming she looks better in most articles of clothing than you do.
Elliott: In pretty much anything.
Dan: I mean, you're gentlemen —
Elliott: Or nothing at all...?
Stuart: Wow!
Dan: I mean, I thought you were a gentleman, until you said that.
Elliott: I figured, give Dan a taste of his own medicine.
Dan: Hey.
Elliott: I'm giving you a taste of your medicine.
Stuart: Hoisted by his own...
Dan: I don't care.
Elliott: ... perv-tard.
Stuart: ... butt-tard.
Elliott: "Butt-tard"!
Dan: I really, genuinely don't care. I appreciate your appreciation.
Elliott: Anyway... now you made me feel gross.
Stuart: The way you say "I don't care" makes it weird.
Dan: I don't —
Elliott: Now you made me feel really gross.
Dan: No, it's fine.
Elliott: This was supposed to be... you were supposed to be mad, and then —
Dan: Not mad.
Elliott: — instead, you were too open and it made me feel gross.
Dan: I'm glad that you, I'm glad that you feel that way.
Elliott: No. Don't. Okay, let's stop.
Dan: Thanks, Elliott.
Elliott: Stop. I don't like it.
Dan: Good work.
Stuart: Gross.
Elliott: This became like that scene in Computer Chess where the, that swinger couple tries to get the one chess player to have sex with them. And I don't like that.
Episode 163: Dracula 3D @1:03:00

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