Dharmadillo and greg

In Episode #168 - "Rage" at the 1:04:45 minute mark, during Stuarts movie recommendation segment he begins by stating that "sometimes here at the flophouse we receive.....things.....dvds from listeners...." when he is cut off by Dan interrupting with "we receive things: dildos and springs and rocks..." Stuart chimes in with 'pictures of julie Andrews' Elliott comes in with "jelly beans and hammers and snails..." Stuart retorts with "...the fuck is this a Harry Potter spell?" Elliot continues with "...lint rollers and jet turbines and blue whales....and quarks" Dan quickly sounds off with "tire jacks and....jacks that you play jacks with." Elliot again with "autographed pictures of Brent Spiner and Armadillo's...and pea pods." "DARMA-DILLOS" Stuart shouts, "thats an armadillo with a painting of Dharma and Greg on its side." "Dharmadillo and Greg..." Elliot informs, "it was taken off the air and re-tooled becuase nobody wanted to see a show about a man who marries an armadillo. The pilot also ended in him cooking and eating Dharmidillo. He was just so curious about what this animal tasted like." Stuart and Dan Agree. Stuart replies "After having taste...ok...umm" stuart reconsiders his comment but Dan has no issue finishing his thought for him "after having tasted human flesh." "It was a very different show." Elliott finally says.

Stuart finds his footing again in his portion of the segment, ".......receive stuff from listeners and sometimes we.." Elliot cuts him off yet again - "christmas trees and bags of flees." Dan, meanwhile has been laughing maniacally since his last comment. Stuart plows through the interruption, "sometimes we also get dvds from..." Elliott cuts in yet again finishing his three part rhyme, "sometimes even dvds!"

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