Episode 131: Marmaduke @28:15
Stuart: Imagine a universe, far in the future... where dinosaurs are also swords.
Elliott: I don't —
Dan: So wait.
Elliott: I don't see how —
Dan: It's in the future?
Elliott: It's not dinosaurs that use swords?
Dan: No, hold on.
Stuart: Robot cowboys pick up the Dinoswords and do battle on the Planes of Imagination.
Elliott: You — I will pay you $700,000 for this movie.
Dan: But it's in the future? So, like, they cloned dinos, I assume? And then, like, crossed
Stuart: No, they went to a planet where dinosaurs are there.
Elliott: Come on. Keep up, Dan.
Dan: Sure.
Elliott: It's obvious!
Stuart: And the robot cowboys, who are giants.
Elliott: Like Pacific Rim-style robots.
Stuart: But there's a lot more personality.
Elliott: Imagine the size of their hats!
Dan: I do think we can sell this to ABC Saturday Morning in 1984.
Stuart: 10,000-gallon hats.
Elliott: 10,000-gallon hats!
Dan: So if you have access to a time machine...
Elliott: We just gotta get there before Dinosaucers comes out.
Dan: Yeah.
Elliott: And do Dinoswords.
Dan: Yep.
Elliott: In fact, you know what? Let's just steal the idea for Dinosaucers and sell that before they can.
Dan: All right, guys. Let's make a pact.
Elliott: We know it gets picked up, come on.
Elliott: In fact, you know what? Forget Dinosaucers. Let's just sell the idea for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Dan: Let's make a pact. In 30 years, if none of us are married...
Elliott: We'll get a time machine...
Stuart: Okay.
Elliott: We'll go back... I mean, we're all married now...
Stuart: Things could change, Elliott.
Elliott: Can't take it for granted, that's true.
Stuart: Yeah, exactly. Live every day like it's your last. YOLO.

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