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Stuart: Now, for all the listeners out there that have one tiny doll hand...
Elliott: Look, there's nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with that.
Stuart: We're not trying to say... It's cool, man.
Elliott: Even if you have two tiny doll hands.
Stuart: I'll give you one tiny five and one high five.
Elliott: Hey, look. You're that —
Stuart: I mean, my hand's not tiny. It's normal size. That's gross.
Elliott: You're making it worse! You're making it worse! Your hand would crush their hand!
Dan: Abort! Abort!
Elliott: Look, you're that much closer to being Dollman. And being next to Dollman-ness is next to godliness.
Stuart: Yeah, if you had a little doll's hand you could hold Dollman's gun that explodes people.

Dollman was followed by a sequel, Dollman vs. Demonic Toys (1993).

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