"In this episode we discuss the only film where Harvey Keitel plays the father of a middle-aged Korean man: The Last Godfather."

Movie SummaryEdit


An orphanage in Korea relocates to New York City.


Al Madrigal, star of the blockbuster Lies & Illusions, fished it out of a DVD bargain bin at a gas station in Ellijay, Georgia for the specific purpose of having it flopped on the Flop House.

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Good-Bad Movie (Elliott) @49:50
  • Good-Bad Movie (Al) @50:15
  • Good-Bad Movie (Dan) @50:40

Episode HighlightsEdit



  • ­This is dedicated to Ken Segal.
         —Al @48:50

Listener MailEdit

No mail this time.


  • The Cabin in the Woods (Year) by Joss Whedon (Dan) @1:00:00
  • Clifford (1994) by Paul Flaherty (Al) @58:20
  • The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011) by David Fincher (Al) @58:20
  • Popatopolis (2009) by Clay Westervelt (Elliott) @51:50

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