Episode 11: Awards Floptacular!


Dan, Stuart, Elliott

Date Published

7 March 2008

Podcast Time

47 minutes


Episode Page


Good Luck Chuck



Audio Note
Substandard sound quality.

What HappensEdit

After two previous appearances, Elliott is now "officially" everyone's favorite guest host. Like Jessica Biel, "his acting is questionable but his body is hot."

Elliott's boss, Jon Stewart, was hosting the Oscars this year, so he was extra qualified. He thought he did a very solid job. Therefore he will keep his job.

Dan's Cat thinks the podcast sucks.

They are eating the remains of the guests at the Oscar party, the ones who lost the Oscar pool.

Stuart is wearing his Oscar dress.

Elliott's old blog about how "The Oscars Are Always Wrong" has disappeared from the Internet, except for mirrors at the Internet Archive (which can be found here).

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