"On this first Shocktober episode of 2013, we discuss ATM — the movie that really captures the horror of watching ATM."

Website BlurbEdit

Really captures the boredom of waiting at the ATM.
Thank you ATM for blowing the lid off the all-too-common crime of ATM serial killing. Meanwhile, Stuart discovers the concept of the spoiler alert, and Elliott and Dan trade impressions of one of the most oft-imitated voices in Hollywood usurping the signature role of another most-imitated-voice in Hollywood.

Movie SummaryEdit



Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Totally Snorifying (Elliott) @37:15
  • Totally Snorifying (Dan) @37:20
  • Totally Snorifying (Stuart) @37:20

Episode HighlightsEdit

Movie PitchesEdit


  • ­It was the porn abbreviation for 'Ass-to-Mouth' — that's what we watched tonight.
         —Dan @04:40

Listener MailEdit

"Foobar" from Foobar Lastnamewithheld @43:50


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