"On this episode we discuss the very Cinemax-titled Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor."

Website BlurbEdit

First confession: she peed in the pool.
Hallie closes out her monthlong residency subbing for the newly-dad-ified Elliott with a doozy. It's Tyler Perry's Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. Meanwhile Stu can't seem to pronounce Kim Kardashian correctly, Dan advertises his new calendar concern, and Hallie outlines a proper musical exercise routine.

Movie SummaryEdit


A young wife becomes bored with her straight-laced pharmacist husband and pursues an extramarital affair with an Internet tycoon. Ultimately, things do not go well.


In the frame tale, a marriage counselor recounts to her client a cautionary true story that happened to the counselor's sister.
The sister was married to a stable but boring man. She eventually became dissatisfied with her dull husband. So she found herself developing feelings for some rich Internet mogul who had recently begun pursuing her.
Some other stuff happened and she wound up in his arms. The lover enthralled her with rough, thrilling sex, which eventually led to crazy sex parties and a cocaine habit. By this point, she left her husband.
Shortly after she moved out, the cuckolded husband discovered through an extraordinary coincidence that the lover was HIV positive. Out of past loyalty, the husband confronted the guy (who by then had started beating the woman), and rescued his estranged wife.
During rehab for sex and drug addiction, the now-divorced wife learned that she was infected with HIV.
Which is how the marriage counselor's sister ruined her life.


It turns out that the marriage counselor who told the tale is in actuality the wife from the story. She was talking about herself the whole time!

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Bad-Bad Movie (Dan) @36:35
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Hallie) @36:40
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Stuart) @37:25
­The idea of punishing all the bad... like, the bad characters with HIV is so crazy! It's such a crazy leap.
     —Stuart @37:40

Episode HighlightsEdit

Movie PitchesEdit


Dan: So at this point, three-quarters of our main characters have AIDS.
Hallie: Yeah. And by the way, I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be dated, but do you really want to bust — like, throw a guy through a window and embrace him when he has AIDS? When you're going through...?
Stuart: Sure, you should put on a wetsuit, or leather gloves or something? What are you saying?
Hallie: I feel like it's a lot of blood.
Dan: I don't want to misquote you, but what you're saying, Hallie, is: if you were gonna beat up someone with AIDS...
Hallie: I'd put on a HAZMAT suit.
Dan: Sure. All right. Well, thank you for that.
Stuart: Tasers are readily available. Why not...
Hallie: That was a joke, you guys. That was a joke.

Listener MailEdit


"A Spookily Good-Bad Thank You" from Mary-Kate Moran @39:45
Rocket Crocodile in the World of Tomorrow
Chopin Goatables
12 Rounds



This is the first episode recorded in the new studio (i.e. Dan's New apartment).

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