"On this episode of The Flop House we discuss the Bratz movie — the best doll-inspired film since Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story."

Movie SummaryEdit

Somehow, this remains the gold standard of all the movies that the Floppers have watched.



­It was rich with incident.
     —Dan @06:40
­Imagine a picaresque Henry Fielding novel, and then imagine that it stars Bratz. Then you would have a pretty good approximation of the plotting in this.
     —Dan @06:55

Better ThanEdit

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Good-Bad Movie (Stuart) @41:00
  • Good-Bad Movie (Dan) @41:20
  • Good-Bad Movie (Elliott) @41:55

Episode HighlightsEdit


Movie PitchesEdit


  • ­I'm the racist one of this gang!
         —Stuart @08:30
  • ­You got me, Bratz! You won me over with your crappiness, but also with your energy.
         —Elliott @42:25
  • ­Believe me, I think I speak for all of us when I say: I was immensely surprised that I had such a good time.
         —Elliott @42:45

Listener MailEdit

No listener mail this time.


  • The Golden Compass (2007) by Chris Weitz (Dan) @45:55
­I would recommend The Golden Compass as an airplane movie, because it put me right to sleep.
     —Dan @46:00
  • National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007) by Jon Turteltaub (Dan) @48:10
­And let me tell you — you know, on the flip side — if you're going to watch a movie on a plane that gonna keep you paying attention the whole time... I'm not saying it's a great movie. I'm not even gonna say it's a good movie, necessarily. But I was so entertained by Book of Secrets!
     —Dan @48:15
  • Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975) by Peter Weir (Elliott) @43:05
  • Stardust (2007) by Matthew Vaughn (Stuart) @53:45
  • There Will Be Blood (2007) by Paul Thomas Anderson (Stuart) @53:40

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