Half Political, Half Crazy, All Dragon
— original tagline for the film


"This week on The Flop House we discuss the two most exciting words in the English language: Dragon Wars."

Official Show NotesEdit

"We answer the question, "How bad could a movie with dragon wars possibly be?" Meanwhile, Dan pitches a new Bikini-themed movie, Elliott has a flashback to the war, Stu makes a love connection, and we all take a big swig of the Hong Kong cocktail."

Movie SummaryEdit


A diverse army of giant magical creatures from Korea lays waste to Los Angeles.


  • The villain is a weird mixture of: @04:45
    • Dr. Doom
    • Steve Martin
    • Bill Murray
    • Shredder
    • Terence Stamp
    • Darth Vader
  • The boys suggest that perhaps this whole movie's plot took place as a coping method for someone being molested by Robert Forster. This fictional plot of Dragon Wars basically becomes the movie Sucker Punch. @06:20, @08:40
  • The Dragon Wars are deemed fairly boring, with both not enough dragons early in the movie, and just far too much later. @18:20

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Between Good-Bad Movie and Movie I Kinda Liked (Elliott) @26:20
  • Good-Bad Movie (Dan) @26:45
  • Good-Bad Movie (Stuart) @27:10

Episode HighlightsEdit

  • This episode was recorded on May first. All of the hosts were completely nude for May sweeps, except that Elliott was wearing a hat, and Stuart had on argyle socks and an artificial penis next to his actual penis.


Movie PitchesEdit


  • ­I was a big fan of the casting. Like, I like it when I watch a movie and the whole time I'm like: 'Oh hey, that guy! I didn't know he was frightened of dragons!'
         —Stuart @14:50

Listener MailEdit

Mailbag SongEdit



"Mail Title" from Listener Lastnamewithheld @Time
"Mail Title" from Listener Lastnamewithheld @Time
"Mail Title" from Listener Lastnamewithheld @Time
  • Stu gets some early love letter feedback. When asked to reply to his West Coast paramour, he quips "Hey, thanks".


Elliott suggests that maybe he comes off as pretentious about his movie suggestions.
  • Title (Year) by Director (Flopper) @Time
  • Title (Year) by Director (Flopper) @Time
  • Title (Year) by Director (Flopper) @Time