Stuart: On tonight's episode, we watched indie darling Fateful Frightenings.
Dan: No, Fateful Findings.
Stuart: Fright-full Find-nings.
Dan: No, Fateful Findings.
Stuart: Fateful... Findings.
Elliott: Fievel Goes West.
Stuart: What!

Official Show NotesEdit

"No show notes this week on account of Emmys."

Movie SummaryEdit


Elliott: This is the subtitle of the poster: "A paranormal thriller where a computer hacker exposes worldwide secrets."
Dan: That is much more succinct than the movie.
Elliott: It describes about two or three of the six or so plots that are going on in this movie.


Elliot: It's gonna be so hard to talk about this movie in chronological order, but let's. So I'm gonna mention off the top- we're gonna try. Just mention off the top that there's a novelist/computer hacker who exposes secret government and corporate secrets (as he calls them); his drug-addicted, pill-popping wife; his drunk neighbor, whose wife does NOT want to have sex with him, -
Stuart: - Which is crazy.
Elliot: - his teen neighbor, the teen daughter of his neighbors who is trying to seduce him, also, there's a ghost and also magic stone powers, uh -
Stuart: And?
Dan: And disappearing people. Just a bunch of random disappearing people -
Elliott: Disappearing people.
Dan: - who we don't really quite understand who they are.
Stuart: Two. Two psychotherapists.
Elliott: Two psychotherapists. One of whom is some sort of paranormal ghost spirit?
Stuart: Yeah, like that old gypsy woman.
Elliott: And the other one is just not very good at his job.

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Good Bad (Elliot, Dan and Stuart) @ 50:22

Episode HighlightsEdit


Basically none.

Elliott: I just wanna say, this episode has had the fewest tangents, I think, of any because -
Stuart: We're trying to wrap our brains around it.

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Mailbag SongEdit


Open that mailbag, open it wide, And dive inside!
There's letters inside!
Hey, don't hide from the letters inside!
There's letters inside the mailbag!
Who are these letters for? Let's take a look!
It's my neighbor's mail! Open it up, I'm a nosy guy!
Huh! They're in arrears? They're losing their house?
This is sad news, and I wish I didn't know it.
Glue that letter back shut. Slide it under their dooooor.
When the house goes up for auction, buy it up.
And then sell it for more!
Flippin' houses, that's where the money is!
Flippin' houses in today's market!
Buy a house cheap.
Fix it on up.
Sell it for more.
The business runs itself if you know how to fix a house.
(Stuart: With lettersssssss.)
(spoken) Brought to you by Property Brothers, on HGTV.



  • Deathtrap (1982) by Sidney Lumet (Dan) @1:10:43
  • Inside Man (2006) by Spike Lee (Stuart) @1:12:39
  • Primer (2004) by Shane Carruth (Elliott) @1:15:37

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