All: (in unison) On tonight's episode, we watched Independence Day: Resurgence.
Stuart: Wow!
Dan: I'm seein' double!

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"Back to our non-Shocktober fare as we mourn election day with our Independence Day: Resurgence discussion. Meanwhile, Elliott gives the JD Power porn star awards, Stuart's weenus is protected, and Dan cannot leave President Sex Criminal alone."

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David Cronenberg's My Fair Flying Giant
A body horror film based on a floating gigantic man in an urban setting, as described in the Nat King Cole song "On the Street Where You Live". @0:06:00


Elliott: That was a difficult night for me last night. It's been like that for a lot of people. It's gonna be a difficult four years, and it's gonna suck pretty hard most likely. Um… We'll figure it out. But one thing that did help me get through the day was hearing from a number of people that listening to The Flop House helped them get through the day. And so, feeling like we're doing something worthwhile here for other people, at least even just as a means of escape, rather than just three guys circlejerking around nonsense about Independence Day: Resurgence or some crap, um…
Stuart: Although the —
Dan: Is that what we watched tonight?
Elliott: Help me out. All Dan could see was the election returns rolling over his eyes, over and over again. He did not see the thousands of alien ships blasting each other to pieces.
— @0:03:40
Elliott: You're saying "titular" a lot.
Stuart: Yeah. You're saying it weird, dude.
— @17:20

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