Dan: On this episode we discuss Ishtar.
Stuart: The worst movie ever made!
Elliott: So says everyone, circa 1988!
Stuart: Boi-oi-oing

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"It's an emotional moment. This is the last regular episode where all three peaches will be in Dan's apartment recording together, in the same space. It’s also the ten year anniversary of this dumb podcast's existence. So how did we celebrate it? By taking a look at what was supposedly the worst movie back when we were growing up, Ishtar. Elliott vastly improves Meet Dave, Dan somehow misses some nudity, and Stuart talks about a 'tug in his butt,' whatever that means. We're gonna miss this, guys."

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The Garage Pail Kids
Children find uses for a pail that their parents left in a garage. @13:50


  • ­We 'jumped the sack', as the kids like to say.
         —Elliott @01:25
Stuart: Can you imagine being Carol Kane and having to watch Dustin Hoffman and Warren Beatty fumble through comic shit, and be like: "They're the fuckin' stars of this movie?"
Dan: Yeah.
Elliott: And she's like: "I was in Hester Street! Hester Street, for god's sakes!" (She's really good in that.)
— @32:40


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