"In this new era of hope and change, we discuss Swing Vote, the world's most irrelevant political satire."

Official Show NotesEdit

"What happens when a movie that feels like it was written in 1984, and was inspired by the 2000 election, is made in 2008? You get Swing Vote. Meanwhile, Dan reveals an uncomfortable new use for tweed, Elliott explains his new game show, and Will busts out the world's most accurate Paul Schrader impression."

Intro/Lives of the FloppersEdit

The WireCast: Stuart is away teaming up with Omar to take down Stringer Bell. The Wirehouse is the new indie band that's sweeping the nation.

The MovieEdit

This story nearly qualifies as a fable, except that it is missing any magic or supernatural elements. Or wizards. Or gnomes. @03:45

Will doesn't know anything and he knows this movie's premise wouldn't work. If you don't speak English, you might walk through the room and think it was a good movie. @12:45

Dan is the only living defender of Bridget Jones' Diary.

A movie about a man who turns people animate by looking at them.

"Excuse me, it's Frankenstein's Monster."

Paul Schrader is rubbing his talent in people's face. "You've been Schraderized." "You are gonna cry your face off when you see this movie." Then he fights Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Better ThanEdit

Movie PitchesEdit

The Mystery Team. Elliott will make this movie, even though it has already been made and completed.

The Derrick Movie, a movie about oil derricks.

Elliott reimagines the movie as a 2 hour leadup to a very surprising place to say "In my butt." It would also be better with a toaster as one of the candidates.

My Bloody Valentine 5D, the Tesserattacked.

A TV show: Harry Dean Stanton travels through time talking to people.

Final JudgmentsEdit

Dan: Bad bad movie. Comes close to almost working. Way too long for the premise.

Will: Bad bad movie. Too slow and boring.

Elliott: His swing vote comes into play. Bad bad movie. When the movie works for 30 seconds, it makes you hate the rest of the movie even more.


Jeremiah Lastnamewitheld recommends "13 Days", starring Kevin Costner and his Boston accent. He also asks about the superheroes that would eventually become The Flop-Men.

Dan: Ghost Town

Elliott: Coraline

  • A Scanner Darkly (2006) by Richard Linklater (Will) @

Notable TangentsEdit