"Dybbuk, schmybbuk — pass the ham. We talk about The Unborn."

Movie SummaryEdit


Only 88 minutes long (unlike the movie 88 Minutes), featuring a demon and a men's room gloryhole.


  • @07:40
Stuart: So she finds out that this old lady at this old folks home is her grandma, and her grandma tells her this crazy story that — about the Holocaust. I wasn't paying that much attention to that part.
Elliott: When she — her — this old lady, she —
Dan: "... crazy story about the Holocaust..." Let's make it clear that Stuart is not Holocaust-denying.
Elliott: This crazy story about a holocaust of some kind? Whatever!
  • ­I assumed it was about an aborted baby that wanted to live and was coming back for revenge. It is not. It is saying: you should abort your children, because they will be evil.
         —Elliott @25:45

Better ThanEdit

  • Mirrors @30:05
    Stuart still doesn't understand the ending of Mirrors. @30:10

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Frighteningly Funny (Stuart) @31:10
  • A little Snorifying with some Frighteningly Funny parts (Dan) @31:30
  • Frighteningly Funny (Elliott) @32:35

Episode HighlightsEdit



  • ­Freud would say every dream has a sexual element. But he was a pervert.
         —Elliott @26:45
  • ­Wait, Phil Hartman died? I gotta start reading these celebrity newspapers, huh guys?
         —Stuart @27:45
  • ­It is the 25th anniversary of Ghostbusters and I've been celebrating it all year.
         —Elliott @40:35

Listener MailEdit


"Here Comes Peter Floppentail" from Colin Lastnamewithheld @34:05


  • Brainscan (1994) by John Flynn (Stuart) @44:50
  • His Kind of Woman (1951) by John Farrow, Richard Fleischer (Elliott) @40:50
  • I'll Believe You (2006) by Paul Francis Sullivan (Dan) @43:00
  • Splinter (2008) by Toby Wilkins (Dan) @42:00

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