"In this episode of The Flop House we review The Number 23 — the scariest of all the base 10 integers.
"And now, the special Halloween remix of The Flop House theme."

Ofifical Show NotesEdit

"In this episode, the team examines the sure-misfire team-up of Jim Carrey and Joel Schumacher, The Number 23. Meanwhile, in a shocking twist, Simon rails against twist ending; Stuart discusses digital sex (but not in the way you think); and Dan can't quite get a handle on how to name movie characters."

Special Halloween Remix of the Flophouse ThemeEdit

This theme, the precursor to Shocktober's public-domain scary-sounds remix, has the following lyrics:

When I was working in my laboratory,
Two skeletons came in
And a mummy was also dancing
And uhhh... vampires came in
And the vampires had a friend
It was the creature from the Black Lagoon
And there were other Frankensteins there
One of them was a serial killer.
(That enough?
I guess.)

Movie SummaryEdit

Jim Carrey, an animal control officer, goes crazy with 23? It's the most ridiculous plot ever, basically.

In The FlophouseEdit

"What I don't understand is why they had to put 'the number' in the title. Is it copyrighted? Or is it a prequel movie for the popular series 24?" - Stuart

Simon thinks Square One was a bullshit show.

Remember in the old days when movies had antagonists?

Dan discusses films with "two levels" and why they never work.

Detective Fingerling has named himself after the sexual act that he most enjoys.

Dan would shoot Jim Carrey in the most erotic way possible.

The best line in the movie: "Kill me right now in front of all of these beautiful twenty-threes." When that line was written, someone sat back from their typewriter, took a sip of their martini, said, "That's money in the bank. That's solid movie gold." Then he called his broker and told him to risk it all on 23.

Simon goes crazy about twist endings again and again. "They persist..."

Favorite names in the movie:Edit

Dan: Topsy Kritz

Stuart: Dr. Sirius Leary, Ph.D.

Simon: Robin "Bird Eagle" Sparrow

Movie names are great, here are some more: Laura Tollins, Chet Granite, Dr. Inferno Fireburns, Walter Sparrow, Jonathan Chad, Nicholas Steelewolf, Meanman Cruelsome, Badguy Guyyouwannahate, Jerk Monsterly, Mitch Couchwall, Table Podcast, Beercan Cowboyboots, Tolliver St. Claire

Final JudgmentsEdit

Special Categories: A total frightmare? Scarifyingly funny? Snorifying?

Simon: "The second one." Stupid but watchable.

Stuart: On the one hand it was really stupid. Totally snorifying, dude.

Dan: Scarifyingly funny. Joel Schumacher, not a good director, but competent.


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