Seriously? "Delgo"? Slightly less weird than that bear movie.


"For the 50th episode of The Flop House we try a Flop House first — discussing an animated movie. In this episode: Delgo."

Official Show NotesEdit

"When a podcast reaches a certain age -- say 50 -- it may find itself susceptible to a midlife crisis. It might buy itself a shiny red convertible mixing board. It may dump one of its hosts for a hot young blonde. Or maybe it just regresses, with an animated kid's film like Delgo. Meanwhile, Elliott tries out some of his Jabberjaw molestation jokes, Dan reveals the surprising owners of the Delgo website, and Stuart is having none of it."

Movie SummaryEdit



  • ­If Pixar movies have taught us anything, you don't need a good script to have a great animated movie. You need a bunch of explosions, killer robots, shit like that.
         —Stuart @16:00
  • ­They gently flutter their wings over each other's genitals.
         —Dan @18:40

Worse ThanEdit

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Abysmal (Stuart) @31:05
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Dan) @31:50
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Elliott) @33:35

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Movie PitchesEdit


  • ­I like Dagon. I'd worship him.
         —Stuart @04:45

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