"In this episode we discuss Repo Men — twice the repo men of Repo Man, one-billionth as good a movie."

Movie SummaryEdit



  • It was a boring movie that couldn't decide what it wanted to be, and the protagonist was too unlikable to have a believable change of heart.

Better ThanEdit

  • Whiteout @30:15

Worse ThanEdit

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Bad-Bad Movie (Stuart) @27:45
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Dan) @29:10
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Elliott) @30:20

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Movie PitchesEdit


  • ­I come here once every two weeks and talk for an hour. What, that's not pulling my weight?
         —Elliott @45:00

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"Response to the Responses to My Email (Never Mind)" from Martin Biro (@33:30)

Just for the record (or perhaps off the record), I would not kick any of you out of bed, and I would write slash fiction to that effect if requested.

"Troll 2" from Blythe Lastnamewithheld (@35:00)

"Where Are the Good-Bad Movies?" from Peter Lastnamewithheld (@39:20)

Dan's List of Good-Bad Movies
(plus commentary from the peanut gallery)

"Get Smurfed" from Ashley Lastnamewithheld (@44:10)

Ziggy Script Pitch @45:20
A discussion of the musical numbers in Gremlins 2 (@47:25)


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