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"On this episode we try to cash in on the vampire craze by discussing Blood: The Last Vampire."

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They claimed this would be the last vampire, in 2009. Were we ever so naive?

Movie SummaryEdit


Japanese vampire demons menace an American schoolgirl living near Tokyo.


Final JudgmentsEdit

In possibly the most wishy-washy final judgments ever, the hosts apparently believe that the film is simultaneously Good-Bad, Bad-Bad, and one that they Kinda Liked.
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Federico) @30:05
  • sort of all over the place (Dan) @30:40
  • agreed with Dan (Elliott) @32:25
­I would say: if you turned it off, after like maybe 40 minutes, you might have a like genuinely enjoyable experience with this movie. Because it gets really silly and crazy for a while, and then it gets boring at the end.
     —Dan @31:40

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