"On this episode we discuss Devilthe scariest elevator-themed horror movie since The Lift."

Movie SummaryEdit

Better TitlesEdit

  • Hellevator
  • Devilvator
  • Eledevil


Five strangers get trapped in an express elevator, with horrifying results.


  • Takes place in Philadelphia.

Better ThanEdit

Worse ThanEdit

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • Bad-Bad Movie (Stuart) @36:40
  • Good-Bad Movie (Dan) @37:00
  • Bad-Bad Movie (Elliott) @37:40

Episode HighlightsEdit


The Flop House discuss Anne Geddes calendars01:35

The Flop House discuss Anne Geddes calendars


Movie PitchesEdit

Listener MailEdit

"Loved This One, Guys" from Mark Lastnamewithheld @39:45
"My Favorite Ninja Turtle Is Leonardo" from Jen Lastnamewithheld @42:45


  • Centurion (2010) by Neil Marshall (Stuart) @47:15
  • Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010) by Banksy (Dan) @49:35
  • The Square (2008) by Nash Edgerton (Dan) @50:10
  • You, the Living (2007) by Roy Andersson (Elliott) @51:20

Mentioned InEdit

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