Episode 76: Third Annual Awards Floptacular


Dan, Elliott, Stuart

Date published

5 March 2011

Podcast Time

60 minutes


Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time



The Sky Was Dark @03:20

What if Penny met a Dinosaur?

Elliott's Wife @20:05


Elliott: The King's Speech is a very well-made movie, and it's a really entertaining, good movie. Like, the minute the movie starts, you know how it's going to end. You can follow along with it.
Stuart: Because of history.
Elliott: Not just — I mean, partly because of history, but not just —
Stuart: You know, like, aliens aren't going to show up, or Transmorphers or anything.
Dan: Oh, I thought you were going to be like: Because of history — like Alien vs. Predator. We all know how that went down.
Elliott: The king isn't going to, like, step through a mirror into the Mirrorverse, you know?
Stuart: Awesome!
Elliott: But at the same time —
Dan: What a twist!
Stuart: He has to get in a glass battle with mirror Hitler.
— @18:10

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