The movie with the least limits.


"On this episode we discuss a movie based entirely on a misunderstanding about how people's brains work: Limitless.

Movie SummaryEdit


Aspiring novelist Bradley Cooper gets addicted to a magic drug that makes him incredibly smart. But despite his newfound supergenius status, he utterly fails to sidestep a series of easily-avoidable crises.


  • ­As I said: the first thing — as soon as he took the first one is, you would think he would use it to invent more pills. Like, that's the first thing on your mind. It's like when you get a fuckin' genie, the first thing you ask for is a million more wishes or whatever.
         —Stuart @14:50
  • ­For a guy who's using 100% of his brain, he seems to forget a lot how many pills he has on him at any moment, which is weird.
         —Elliott @18:15
  • ­You're never smarter than a knife.
         —Elliott @22:15
  • ­Why can't you accept that if you drink a smart guy's blood, you turn smart? That's why there are so many genius vampires!
         —Elliott @23:20
  • ­I guess if I can watch The Exorcist and suspend my disbelief that the devil exists for two hours, then I can suspend my disbelief about how the brain works.
         —Elliott @41:20

Final JudgmentsEdit

  • A Movie I Kinda Liked (Dan) @39:35
  • A Movie I Kinda Liked (Elliott) @40:05
  • Good-Bad Movie (Stuart) @40:40

Episode HighlightsEdit


  • ­I would say: I wish for a monkey's paw where my wishes don't end up hurting me ironically. Then when you get that monkey's paw, then your second wish is: I wish this monkey's paw had a billion fingers, so I'd have a billion wishes. Then you use the monkey's paw as a backscratcher, just to show it who's boss.
         —Elliott @15:20


Movie PitchesEdit

A scientist rushes to stop an epidemic of people's heads exploding from ingesting Pop Rocks® and Coca-Cola. @04:25
Count Spaceula
Aliens land, and one of the aliens is bitten by a vampire. @22:40

Listener MailEdit

"Correction" from Micah Lastnamewithheld @54:45


  • Fallen Idol (Dan) @58:20
  • The Half-Naked Truth (Elliott) @58:35

Mentioned InEdit

  • ­If you think I'm talking too quickly, just get faster ears, man. I'm not slowing down. I'm limitless.
         —Elliott, Episode 93: Green Lantern @55:25

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