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An American Tale: Fivehead Goes West

Movie pitch from Episode 94: Conan the Barbarian @30:15

"This Town Ain't Big Enough for the Three of Us." He's taking on the wild, wild, wild West, in a two-horse town, with his 7-Shooter.

Fool him once, shame on him, fool him twice, shame on you, fool him THREE TIMES, he shoots you in the face. He wants a Domino's Pizza delivered in 31 minutes or less. He loves all 58 varieties of Heinz.

Watch as Fivehead defends the local Baskin-Robbins from outlaws after their 32 flavors of ice cream.

Has a showdown with cattle rustler Two-Eyed Dick at High 1 PM. After that he catches the 4:10 to Yuma, meets The Magnificent Eight, gives Three Mules to Sister Sara, uses his Winchester '74 and reveals that his Name is Quadrinity. All of Fivehead's features and traits are based on the names of western films, with one added to any quantity in the film's name. This qualifies as a Lists of movies.

Five head

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