How'd they make THIS podcast?

Obviously, being a fan of The Flop House means that you have a moral obligation (greater than that to any God, country, or family) to eschew any and all other bad movie podcasts.

This admonishment goes double for the accursed "How Did This Get Made?" (the arch-nemesis of our beloved Flop House). They are the uncool mainstream bad movie podcast to the Flop House's cool indie cred. All of their success and acclaim rightfully belongs to the Floppers.

Which is why it is considered a mortal sin to listen to the podcast belonging to the vile usurpers.

To be safe, you should also shun The League, because it features two HDTGM hosts: Jason Mantzoukas and Paul Scheer.

And now that I think about it, you shouldn't listen to Episode 39: Bride Wars, because the film was co-written by the third HDTGM host, June Diane Raphael.

You shall not indulge any bad movie podcast other than The Flop House.

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Please tell me you didn't click on that link.

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