Neologisms coined by the Floppers, along with any definition(s) offered on the podcast.
Cagemas (n.)
An annual holiday, observed on The Flop House by watching nothing but Nicolas Cage movies all month long.
gromance (n.)
A bromance, but with girls.
Episode 73: Devil (Elliott) @44:55
James Bonding (n.)
A winter sport involving riding around on skis and shooting stuff with a gun.
Episode 193: United Passions (Stuart and Elliott) @05:30
millowy (adj.)
Falling to pieces.
Episode 193: United Passions (Stuart) @04:45
skatress (n.)
A sketch actress.
Bonus Episode 2 (Elliott) @28:20
Shocktober (n.)
The holiest month on the Flop House Calendar.
Smallvember (n.)
A month on the Flop House Calendar recognizing indie film releases.
wormy boner (n.)

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