From Dan, to Dan

The segment of the show where Dan McCoy reads email sent to the Flop House Podcast from listeners like you.

Preceeded by a song by Elliott .

When Dan actually bothers to print out the emails, everything goes smoothly. When he doesn't get a chance to do that, and he has to read them off his iPad, things get a little dicey.

More often than not, the mail consists mostly of either talking about Ding-Dongs, letters complimenting Dan (possibly written by Dan himself), letters talking about Stu's good looks, or drawing upon Elliott's knowledge of movies. Or just letters bashing the shit out of the floppers, or once and awhile, a letter from Flop House Sports Ombudsman, David Kalan.

An amazing percentage of the letters come from a clan of people with the last name Lastnamewithheld.

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