Movie Minute #27: Oscars Double Down

Date Published

12 July 2009


7 minutes


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Dan: Megan Fox's sex appeal is so big, it needs five screens to contain it.
Elliott: I do not like her, but I guess so. She seems like a sex robot that was just like: "We've created the perfect woman, using science!" It's like, yeah but she seems inhuman. And the things she says seem like calculated to attract a certain type of guy to see her movies. When she's like: "Yeah, I love to drink beer and watch sports! And also: I'm a bisexual!"
Dan: Yeah.
Elliott: "Come see my movie!"
Stuart: Oh, you read her Maxim interview, huh?
Elliott: Course I did, we had it at work. Come on.
Dan: Stuart seems to be, you know, really considering the advantages of a sex robot right now.
Stuart: Yeah.
Elliott: But anyway, so...
Stuart: I don't have to strangle her afterwards.
Dan: What?! Jesus Christ, that's the worst —
Elliott: That's really horrifying.
Stuart: Then cut her hands and feet off, and leave her in a trunk somewhere.
Dan: — of the many horrible things that you've said...
Elliott: Wow!
Stuart: Wait, what?


Teen Wolf

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