Dan: It stuck in the old craw. How is Old Craw, by the way?
Elliott: Well, I'm right here, Dan. Ask me to my face!
Dan: How's your goiter, Old Craw?
Elliott: That's kinda a private question, but which one?
Dan: The neck one.
Elliott: It's coming along quite nicely. It's almost ripe enough to pop.
Stuart: Do you mind if we stick some things in you?
Elliott: Well, that's what Old Craw's here for. Stick 'em in!
Stuart: I have some cocktail toothpicks that look like little swords.
Elliott: Sure, there's some space left in my arm.
Stuart: I have an actual sword, how about that?
Elliott: Uh, maybe put that in somewhere else.
Dan: Well, thanks for stopping by, Old Craw —
Elliott: No, I can stick around! Old Craw doesn't have a lot of friends.
Stuart: How about some corn-on-the-cob holders that look like little corns on the cob?
Elliott: You got it! Do they come with corn? Old Craw is a little hungry. Been a long time since Old Craw could afford a hot meal. I'm what you call a 'non-volunteering freegan'! I do a lot of garbage scavenging.
Dan: This character is like one of those characters from lore where you invoke their name and then they won't leave.
Elliott: That's right! Give me your first born! Stick it in me! Old Craw! Now which of you has a wish I may grant? Keep in mind: calling forth Old Craw can have very dangerous consequences.
Stuart: Quick, Dan — we have to smear yogurt on the floor so he leaves.
Elliott: That's the only way to appease me!
Episode 157: The Legend of Hercules @03:24

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