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­It's a bad movie. And it's really cheap-looking. And it's really cheaply made.
     —Elliott, Movie Minute Number 10: Teen Wolf @02:00
­I feel like we could easily do a podcast just about Teen Wolf.
     —Elliott, Episode 191: Men, Women & Children @1:20:25

Elliott: The teams are always surprised they're playing a wolf. You'd think one of the coaches would tip off another coach. Hey, one thing you should know: there's a wolf on their team. So, I dunno, like, put silver on the ball so he can't touch it.
Stuart: Sure.
Dan: Yeah.
Stuart: Cover it in that popular wolfsbane energy drink.
Elliott: I'm just saying, like: if they throw the ball to him, somebody should just beat him to death with a silver-headed cane.
Stuart: Sure.
Elliott: That's the only way you're gonna win this game.

Or what if the other team started [xx] other monsters? So a school shows up with —

Stuart: That would have been fucking great, dude!
Elliott: — a dracula on the other team
Stuart: Like: we got a mummy. He's slow as shit, but he's super tough.
Dan: Frankenstein's monster is really tall.
Elliott: Yeah! He's not super coordinated. But that's the thing, he's just on defense. Dracula can turn into a mist. You think he can't — that won't help him dunk?
Stuart: Creature from the Black Lagoon can lick up everybody's sweat, or something.
Dan: You don't know.
Elliott: I don't think you understand what that monster does. What about, do we have a place —
Dan: The Invisible Man would be very useful.
Elliott: He'd be fantastic. But you'd never know if he was traveling or not.
Dan: Yeah, you wouldn't know if he was open. You wouldn't know anything.
Stuart: That's one of his advantages. It's not like the ref's gonna call it.
Elliott: That's true.
Stuart: He's gonna be like: "That pass is really slow."
Episode 191: Men, Women & Children 1:17:50

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