­It's a bad movie. And it's really cheap-looking. And it's really cheaply made.
     —Elliott, Movie Minute Number 10: Teen Wolf @02:00
­I feel like we could easily do a podcast just about Teen Wolf.
     —Elliott, Episode 191: Men, Women & Children @1:20:25
­There's an extra in the corner of the screen who whips his dick out, and I guess no one noticed it, ever. And the scene is online, readily available. If you look for, like, “Teen Wolf penis”, then (hopefully) that's what you'll find.
     —Elliott, Movie Minute Number 11: Listener Feedback @04:20

Mentioned InEdit

Elliott: The teams are always surprised they're playing a wolf. You'd think one of the coaches would tip off another coach. Hey, one thing you should know: there's a wolf on their team. So, I dunno, like, put silver on the ball so he can't touch it.
Stuart: Sure.
Dan: Yeah.
Stuart: Cover it in that popular wolfsbane energy drink.
Elliott: I'm just saying, like: if they throw the ball to him, somebody should just beat him to death with a silver-headed cane.
Stuart: Sure.
Elliott: That's the only way you're gonna win this game.

Or what if the other team started [xx] other monsters? So a school shows up with —

Stuart: That would have been fucking great, dude!
Elliott: — a dracula on the other team
Stuart: Like: we got a mummy. He's slow as shit, but he's super tough.
Dan: Frankenstein's monster is really tall.
Elliott: Yeah! He's not super coordinated. But that's the thing, he's just on defense. Dracula can turn into a mist. You think he can't — that won't help him dunk?
Stuart: Creature from the Black Lagoon can lick up everybody's sweat, or something.
Dan: You don't know.
Elliott: I don't think you understand what that monster does. What about, do we have a place —
Dan: The Invisible Man would be very useful.
Elliott: He'd be fantastic. But you'd never know if he was traveling or not.
Dan: Yeah, you wouldn't know if he was open. You wouldn't know anything.
Stuart: That's one of his advantages. It's not like the ref's gonna call it.
Elliott: That's true.
Stuart: He's gonna be like: "That pass is really slow."
Episode 191: Men, Women & Children 1:17:50

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