From Episode 196: Aloha:

Lyrics by Elliott Kalan

That's the way it works

(Dan says)

That's the way it works

You wrote 'em, we read 'em

That's the way it works

How does it work?

Glad that you asked!

As Dan said, I'll

Refer you to his comments

That you write 'em, and then we read 'em

That's how it works

(That's how it works)

That's how it works

Speaking of birthdays,

Dan was talkin' about

(That's how it works)


You're born, and that's

The day that you celebrate

That's how it works

Anything you need to know

About how something works

Ask me, and I'll sing it to you

Unless it's really complicated

And made out of words that

Don't rhyme so well

In which case,

I don't know if I can help you so well

But I'll try

Till I die

That's how it works

Take that bud and nip it

(That's how it works)

(Audio version)

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