A commonly-expressed sentiment when there is undeniable appeal in the basic premise of a film, in stark contrast to its actual execution.

  • ­I know what you're thinking at home, too. You're like: 'A dance with trampolines? That sounds awesome!'
         —Dan, Episode 29: Step Up 2: The Streets @13:55
  • ­Sitting here listening to Elliott tell me about it, I'm like: that movie sounds great!
         —Dan, Episode 69: Big Money Rustlas @16:55
  • ­It's like 85% car chase, and that sounds great! Like if you said to me: There's an action movie, it's a lean, low-budget movie with a star in Bulgaria that's 85% car chase, I'm like: that sounds like it could be great! But it's not. It's really terrible.
         —Elliott, Episode 142: Getaway @08:40
  • ­Your mind just heard 'hovercraft basketball tournament' and you thought: 'Awesome!' Wrong. It is the most boring thing I've maybe ever seen.
         —Elliott, Episode 167: From Justin to Kelly @23:30

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