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Griffin: Gundren is suddenly completely engulfed in flames. And he's growing and bouts of flame are sort of ripping off of his body and cutting entire buildings in half. The three of you dive into the well, and then all of a sudden all you see is flame above you
Travis: Well, tits.
Griffin: just a giant burst of flame. The entire town, where it used to be... You look around and for about a half mile in diameter, all that you can see is black glass... a circle of black glass on the ground.
Magnus: Well, this all sucks.


"From the ashes of Phandolin, three new heroes arise. Let's see if the Flop House gang can survive one night in The Adventure Zone!"

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"You didn't think our heroes were the only adventurers in the world of The Adventure Zone, did you? In this episode, the hysterical folks from The Flop House take over, introducing the world to a new, lovable trio of mercenaries.
"Strap in for a two-hour D&D session starring Stuart Wellington as DM, Elliott Kalan as the Dragonborn Bard Jeremy 'Scales' Fangbattle, Dan McCoy as High Elf Druid Lucian Buttwatcher and Zhubin Parang as the noble Tanzer Silverview."


In order of appearance.
Jeremy "Scales" Fangbattle
A blue scaly dragonborn bard, who became a pariah from his community primarily due to his frequent singing. Scales wants to earn the respect and acceptance of his people, so that he can live among them again. He also wants to produce offspring. For him, violence is the answer to any problem. In physical appearance, he is sort of a Grimace type. He also lives in a rich fantasy world, which bears an amazing resemblance to the world that the players live in.
Lucian Buttwatcher
A tall, high-elf druid hermit searching for spiritual enlightenment and cosmic truth, regardless whether the knowledge he seeks could destroy the world. He has piercing pale-green eyes and long silvery hair.
Tanzer Silverview
A young, handsome human who is the scion of a rich and powerful family. He strives to make a name for himself and amass his own fortune, before he eventually inherits everything. Snobbish and naive, Tanzer frequently mentions his 400-year-old horse Clopsalot, who he impulsively gave away as a tip.


Bartok Rocksplitter
Sheriff of Hogsbottom. A dwarf.
Augustus Tapwell
Ambrose Tapwell
Patriarch of the cider fortune family.
Archie Tapwell

The RedcheeksEdit

Jacob Redcheek
Darius Redcheek
Older halfling with black bushy eyebrows.
Zach Redcheek
Alexander "Pasha" Redcheek

The CapitolEdit

Baron von Bögenhafen
Urse van Giersbergen


The adventurers find themselves in the small village of Hogsbottom.

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  • ­Wait a minute. Did we stumble into a haunted house?
         —Scales @43:15
  • ­I can see that these men are made of straw. The lowest form of men.
         —Lucien @51:30
  • ­That's the worst hole I've ever heard of.
         —Lucien @1:13:45