Occasional visitor, especially during Shocktober, with ghoulishly delicious puns for Satan Macabre, Booart Skellington, and Helliott Killin'.
His resentful brother Gary is a pedicab operator in New York City. (Episode 140: After Earth @33:40)

Reproductive OrgansEdit

In the Dream House episode the Floppers, for some reason, chose to imagine what the Cryptkeeper's privates look like, in the unlikely event that they hadn't rotted away long ago. (This because Elliott mentioned the Cryptkeeper's "private life" and Dan pretended to mishear it.)
Surprisingly, this subject was actually revisited during the mailbag segment of the Star Wars Episode II episode. It was decided that he has a wormy boner.

Cryptkeeper SyndromeEdit

CKS is characterized by an irresistible impulse to lace one's speech with horror-themed puns. In the United States, research on CKS is strictly limited to BSL-4 facilities, due to the fact that it is exscreamly contagious.

Mentioned InEdit

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