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A Good-Bad Wiki about a Good Podcast about Bad MoviesEdit

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Words That Sound...
Popeyes Fried Chicken

The Flop House (est. 2007) is a fortnightly audio podcast about movie flops, which are defined as failures of the financial and/or critical varieties. On the appointed day[1], the three hosts muster at the Flop House Studios, watch a movie, and then record an episode (the most recent of which being Episode 178: 50 Shades of Grey).
The trio usually confine themselves to major-studio films advertised and released within the past year or so, which tends to keep things current. (And besides, how many takedowns of The Room or Birdemic does humanity need?) Check out the movie titles in the Episode List.
The podcast is hosted by professional comedy writers Dan McCoy and Elliott Kalan (both of whom work on The Daily Show) along with "equally-funny" barkeep Stuart Wellington. Collectively they are known to our world as The Original Peaches.
Because the guys are close friends and their corpus spans the better part of a decade, their podcast is rife with inside jokes and callbacks — hence the challenge facing new listeners yearning to be brought up to speed. To that end, this Wiki presently contains 553 articles. (Although, to be fair, this impressive-sounding figure does include 418 stubs. But that still means there are 135 non-stubs, which is not too shabby.)

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  1. Wednesdays, usually. Episodes are released on Saturdays.

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