Emergency stop
When one of the Floppers notices that their discussion is veering into treacherous territory and time is short, he may feel compelled to leap into action and activate the emergency brake.
This mechanism exists for the safety of everyone involved, hosts and listeners alike.


  • ­When you masturbate to a scene from a movie, you stand up right by the TV. Because you want to feel that static electricity on your ball hairs... I’m gonna stop talking now.
         —Stuart, Episode 134: Upside Down @58:00

Sara: College sketch comedy group...
Dan: College satire.
Sara: We wrote about the cafeteria.
Stuart: Dan did a comic strip like that.
Dan: Shut up.
Elliott: Ruck Norris, father of Chuck Norris.
Stuart: Stop!
Elliott: And in some counties in Ireland, they still say "Good Ruck to you!" And... to be surprised —
Stuart: Shut up! No!
Elliott: Now you made me feel really gross.
Dan: No, it's fine.
Elliott: This was supposed to be... you were supposed to be mad, and then —
Dan: Not mad.
Elliott: — instead you were too open, and it made me feel gross.
Dan: I'm glad that you, I'm glad that you feel that way.
Elliott: No. Don't. Okay, let's stop.
Dan: Thanks, Elliott.
Elliott: Stop. I don't like it.
Elliott: We’re here.
Dan: We’re...
Elliott: No.
Dan: Okay.

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