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He was in the mirror?

Stuart's incredulous reaction to the ending of Mirrors, in which the Canadian guy from 24 wakes up after his demon-battle to discover himself in mirror-land. Referenced in later episodes with the phrase itself.

The Flop House- Ending of Mirrors02:45

The Flop House- Ending of Mirrors



Elliott: And then what happens to Kiefer?
Stuart: He gets smashed by a rock or something, I think.
Elliott: And then?
Stuart: Then he, like, wakes up.
Elliott: The twist ending, the twist ending...
Stuart: No, he wakes up and he's walking around.
Elliott: He's walking around and?
Stuart: Uh...
Dan: Stuart, did you notice anything strange about the words after he woke up?
Stuart: Well, I mean, uh, it looked like everything was backwards but I thought I'd just been drinking a lot.
Elliott: No, everything was backwards 'cause now he's trapped in the mirrors.
Stuart: Wait... what?
Elliott: For some reason!
Dan: Whoaaaaaa..!
Stuart: C'mon.
Elliott: Nope, and then cut to credits –
Dan: Stu –
Stuart: (indignantly) What?
Elliot: That's it.
Stuart: C'mon.
Elliott: That's the end of the movie.
Dan: The hell you say!
Elliott: But it's li –
Stuart: What?
Elliott: It feels li – it feels like a movie that –
Stuart: C'mon.
Elliott: – the script ended –
Stuart: C'mon. What are you talking about?
Elliott: That's what, that's how it ends. You watched it – us –
Stuart: Wait, wait, what?
Elliott: You watched it with us, that's how it ends.
Stuart: That's how it ended?
Elliott: Yes.
Stuart: C'mon. What are you talking about?
Elliott: Yes, yes, that was the end of the movie –
Stuart: What? Wait, that's the end?
Elliott: Yes.
Stuart: C'... c'... c'mon, what are you talking about? Wait, he's a ghost now?
Elliott: No, well he's not necessarily a ghost, he's trapped in the mirror world though.
Stuart: Wait, but he's like walking around.
Elliott: He's walking around but he's in in a mirror version, you know, he's in the reverse image of the world around him.
Stuart: We – c'mon, that doesn't make any sense.
Elliott: No it doesn't, but it's still the end of the movie.
Stuart: Wait, what? Wait, is he a demon?
Elliott: No, he's not a demon, he's just himself.
Stuart: C'mon, that doesn't make any sense.

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