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Elliott: At the end of Wall-E, Wall-E gets the crap beaten out of him. Like, he essentially dies. And it's like: "Oh no!" But I wasn't like: "This is really making me uncomfortable in how much they're beating on Wall-E." You know what it is? I realized —
Dan: You were like: "Get him!"
Stuart: "Get that fucker!"
Elliott: I'm like: "Get that damn robot!"
Stuart: "Piece of shit!"
Elliott: "Thinks he can love? Beyond his class?"
Dan: "Thinks he's better than me? He's not better than me!"
Elliott: "Stupid robot! Can you do this?" and I'm just peeing all over the TV.
Dan: Elliott, sit down!
Elliott: No!
Dan: Put your penis away.
Elliott: No, no! My family's gotta learn about this someday!
Episode 192: Chappie @41:55

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