­Like many people with mental disabilities, I enjoy for some reason rhyming words that the meanings are not connected to each other.
     —Elliott, Episode 35: Fireproof @44:10

Something Elliott really, really, really enjoys. Often the Floppers' discussion devolves into listing words which sound alike, to the delight and fury of the listeners. More broadly, the behaviour falls into the "naming things related to other things" phenomenon.

A super-fan purchased the domain, configuring it to redirect to the Flop House's blog.  Said super-fan has subsequently let this domain expire, partially in protest of the fact that the Original Peaches could never accurately recall or convey the actual joke that the domain name embodied—much like this very wiki page.  It was a revelation—Wow, words sound like each other!—not the name of a category (Words that sound like other words.)

See: Chopin Goatables

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