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Zardoz (Flop House Podcast)01:27

Zardoz (Flop House Podcast)

Elliott: Highlander 2: The Quickening. Welcome to Entrapment. If you want to see another movie with me, why not go watch League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?
Dan: If you want to see me in a flop, see me in a real flop!
Elliott: Zardoz!
Dan: There's some — there's some crazy shit in this film. Just gonna run around in a diaper for the whole movie.
Elliott: I got a mustache and a red diaper and a gun. What more do you need? And boots that go up to my knees.
Dan: There's a floating stone head in that film, for God's sake!
Elliott: For God's sakes, what more do you need to see? It's — there's a whole sequence where I just sit there in a cave with my wife and we turn into skeletons. What do I have to tell you to get you to see this movie? We wear masks and rape people. It turns out it's The Wizard of Oz in the end.
Dan: If I described it — you, you, you can't even believe it. You have to see it!
Elliott: There's all sorts of psychic shit with these women, I don't even know what was going on! But I'm in like a cocoon or something. You've gotta see this, it's amazing! When does it come out? Look it up. Oh, it is — this will blow your mind! If you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself.
Stuart: Yeah, for Zardoz 3D.
Elliott: You'll think that the giant stone head is just flying out of the screen at you. It's amazing! Who's the Zardoz now, dog?

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